van A to B(xl), 21 september

Once dreamt of as a rooftop parc in Brussels center, Park 58. is an ideal intercity trip on a car free day. What waits for us in B(xl): a marathon, concerts, performances... art and sports!

We leave at 10:00 Conflict Room, in Antwerp. To celebrate cycling, we don't take the highway to Bussels but the small roads along the canal! And yes, let's prepare a potluck snack to share at a picnic on the rooftop of this parking lot.

When it get's dark, we go back with the bike on the train.

open for any intervention

pitstops à l’improviste, a story, a fantastic utopistic
drawing, an intriguing speech, an interesting skill to share, guitar tuning,
bike pimping, show and tell, performance, ...

Morgenavond is er ook een voorbereidende bijeenkomst in de Provinciestraat.
Meer info...

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